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"Dog Breeders of Genuine, Quality, Rarebreed Mi-Ki Puppies for Your Perfect Miniature Companion"

" They Will Capture Your Heart"

Love Me Tender Mi-Kis are exclusively Mi-Ki breeders of purebred, original Mi-Ki puppies. We believe that this rare breed dog goes way beyond any expectation that you have ever had in a small, toy breed dog. Mi-Kis dogs are not only beautiful, but have a sweet, lovable, affectionate temperament. They are playful, but not hyper, and are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. Their activity level is low to moderate, which makes this toy breed perfect for a variety of lifestyles, including small apartment living. Our Mi-Kis average weights are 4 to 6 pounds, which makes them the perfect traveling companion dog. They are snuggly, small lap dogs that were originally designed  from a combination of three different breeds: The Maltese, Japanese Chin, and the Papillon. This calm and gentle personality makes these small toy dogs great candidates for children, older adults, and can be trained and used for therapy dogs. Mi-Kis are also very healthy dogs often living well into their teens.
Love Me Tender Mi-Kis, located in Central Florida, train their Mi-Ki puppies as early as possible to us the piddle pad method to potty train, and because they are such adaptable little dogs, they can also be trained to use the outdoors, or even have been known to use a litter box! People who have an allergy to canines need not worry about this problem when purchasing a Mi-Ki puppy,  for they have hair, not fur, which make them a hypo-allergenic dog, and they are a non-shedding breed as well!
Mi-Ki puppies come in many varieties of colors. But, as they mature, they can change their colors. Blacks and white stay just that, but the colors in-between can lighten, or darken.
Here at Love Me Tender Mi-Kis, we are breeders of both long coat and smooth coat Mi-Kis. The long coat Mi-Kis can also be kept in a shorter cut. Another adorable trait of this toy breed is their ear set. Some may have ears that are down, which are characteristic of the Maltese and Japanese Chin, and others may have "up" ears, or "winged ears", which would be genetically passed down from the Papillon.
Whether you are searching for a pet, a show dog, or if you are a reputable Mi-Ki breeder looking to expand your bloodline, Love Me Tender Mi-Kis will have adorable puppies throughout the year in which to choose from. From tea cup to full standard size, you will be assured that they are pure pedigree Mi-Kis that meet the Mi-Ki standard, given much love and care, are health checked, and are well socialized from the time these precious tiny pups are born. We're sure that you will certainly cherish this small rare breed dog for a lifetime!

Adoptive Parents Will Receive:

1st Puppy Vaccinations
Health Certificate from a Licensed Veterinarian 
             1 Year Health Guarantee Against Genetic Defects
          (Must be examined by a vet within 72 hours  )
 CERF Testing {if requested} 
 Patellas & Heart Checked
Parents DNA Tested

Puppies Micro-Chipped With HomeAgain (not mandatory)
 Updated Puppy Photos Sent To Your E-Mail Weekly
Information Packet/Puppy Package/Photo Album 
Puppies are registered with CKC or NCA
Shipping Available

Love Me Tender Mi-Kis

Brenda & Casey Morris
Myakka City, Fl
Phone: (941) 322-1504
Email is:

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